• The Dearliest had a birthday!
  • In light of this event, LK has put in a request for his birthday: a space shuttle cake! Preliminary searches on Pinterest suggest this may be a challenge. At least I have a couple months to prepare!
  • A few little crochet things to share:

IMG_7650 IMG_7628 IMG_7599

I made more of the headband in different colors, but I felt sharing them might be a bit repetitive in the picture department. You can visit the shop if you want to see them. 🙂

  • I started working on another afghan. I think I’m a glutton for punishment. No pictures yet, but it will be turquoise and brown.
  • I tracked down more of the brooch pins, and the smallest bag of them contained 48…should keep me busy for a while! I have thoughts on yet another design, so stay tuned…
  • We butchered one of the meat birds (rephrase: the Dearliest butchered one, as I haven’t the stomach for it). The big, nasty rooster. He picked on the others something awful, and you know, since he’s been gone that flock has been so quiet. The rest of them will be ready to go in the next week or so.
  • Kale sauteed in a pan with olive oil and minced garlic is one of my favorite ways to eat leafy greens.
  • I made a pineapple dream cake for the Dearliest’s birthday, and it was gooooood.
  • Apparently I’m on my way to getting hungry. My post has devolved into food talk.

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