Random Catch Up (with random pictures!)

Hello dear readers! I hope you all had a good Independence Day holiday, or had a good day in general for those not in the US.

In honor of the stars and stripes, I made this:


Things have been pretty busy out here on the mountain. The kids and I have been tending the container garden on the deck, and so far we have an abundance of thyme and tomatoes. I have no idea what to do with all this thyme, people. I offered one of the plants to TW, because I can’t even keep ONE plant in use. To me it’s such a strong, pungent herb, and a little goes a long way. I’ll get some pictures once I wash all the potting soil off the deck. Littles + potting plants = big mess. But a fun mess.

It was a very dry spring, which doesn’t make for a grand growing season. I think we got maybe a dozen rainstorms, and only 2 or 3 of those lasted for a substantial amount of time with decent rainfall. Here’s the last one that came through:


About two weeks ago we got a sign of an upcoming thunderstorm (you can see it waaaay off in the distance)…


…but alas it decided to follow the canyon to the valley and so we got to see/ hear it but didn’t get wet.

So, we enjoy the hot weather by heading outside for an hour or so in the mornings (before it passes 80° F). We hang laundry on the line, chase butterflies, ride the new (to us) Kettcars, water the plants, and if it’s not too hot play with the frisbees.


Then we hole up inside with the air conditioning and Do Stuff. Sometimes this means getting creative:


Other times it means folding laundry, dumping laundry onto the floor to make a “swimming pool”, then picking it up to fold it again. I would like to note that I don’t necessarily condone the act of dumping laundry on the floor. I will also note that they fold it again. Even if they don’t really know how to fold the larger stuff, they still have to demonstrate an effort with Every. Single. Piece. This consequence has greatly reduced the amount of laundry on the floor. Most the time. 😛

These two have been growing like weeds:


Saturday night is pizza night, and I FINALLY managed to snag a picture before the starving natives made it disappear:


I use my bread dough recipe as the crust.
The sauce recipe is located in this post, only I add less water for a thicker pizza sauce.
I typically top with a combination of cheddar and parmesan cheeses, then whatever else I have on hand. Olives are popular with the kids, although the Dearliest and I enjoy other types as well.

In the handwork department, I’m a little over half done with the star blanket. No progress pictures of that, but I did find a picture from a few months ago of Project Emerald:


No more progress to report on that front, I’m afraid, other than Squeaky has grown two clothing sizes.

Also, here’s the felt pin I made for my sister-in-law whom I shall call Annie:


It’s a bit blurry, but the lighting was weird in the other pictures and didn’t show the embroidery well.

On the topic of embroidery, I have Ideas for what to do with my felt next, but it involves framing it in the end and I haven’t a clue how to mount felt. I’m not intending to use a glass front, so all the support will need to be from the back. Or matte. Anyone have any thoughts? Do I use an adhesive to attach the felt to a backing? Does the matte lay over the edges of the felt, or should the felt just sit on top of the backing with an inch or so of a border (and no matte)?

And now I have about 20 minutes left before nap time is over, so I think I’ll go crochet something.


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