I have Plans, you know.

There are about half a dozen blog posts in my mind, all written and ready to go. I seem to be having difficulty finding the time to sit down to type them out, which is a little frustrating because the list of things I want to blog about keeps getting longer. The mental queue is getting backed up in the process.

I don’t really have anyone but myself to blame, because the precious hour or so I have for quiet writing has recently gone to more selfish pursuits (like crocheting over an episode of Heroes). I’m not about to apologize to myself for that, but on the bright side my current crochet project is almost done, as is the last season of Heroes. There will soon be Much Time for writing.

Which leads me to the reason for this post.

Firstly, a friend got me somewhat addicted to a Tumblr that has inspired me to dust off my pen and pursue the binders of unfinished stories hiding somewhere in my room. I’m deeply saddened with myself that I can’t even remember where they are right now. If this urge to write persists, my intention is to work through the stories one by one. Hopefully at the end of it all I’ll have at least one completed story.

Secondly, here’s a list of a few of the upcoming blog posts, mostly so I don’t forget anything I wanted to share.

Homemade Yogurt/ Greek Yogurt
Road to Recovery, Recovered!
Pen Wending
Garden Update
Grab Your Running Shoes
Haircuts and Jury Duty


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