Introducing Pen Wending

The Pen Wending Blog

I created Pen Wending a week or so ago in order to corral all the writing stuff in one place. I wanted to make sure I was actually going to use it before sharing it with anyone, because saying “Hey! Go here if you want to see my writing!” and then never posting anything would be kind of embarrassing. It’s not just about sharing the writing, though. Another reason I’m doing this is to have a secondary place to store the words, in case something happens to my computer or–heaven forbid–the original handwritten copies.

If you would like to follow along with this project (finishing the unfinished, sharing the completed stuff, and other whathaveyou), you are welcome to doso. For the most part the entries will be password protected for copyright reasons, but I will use the same password for everything. To request the password fill out the feedback form below (your information will not be public) OR you can shoot me an email if you know my address. 🙂

I only plan to make one Pen Wending update a week because of Life and such. Once I get some crochet projects finished the number might increase to two as I get more time for writing.

The Pen Wending Blog


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