Lots of Little Things

Life has been sneaking up on me recently and catching me by surprise. Kinda like the 7 loads of to-be-folded-at-some-point-here laundry on the couch.

Last Friday I got excited at the prospect of helping the Dearliest lay down some sod. I’ve never put down sod before, and while it’s not exactly on my “do this before I die” list, it sounded fascinating. Really, it did! Making a long story short, he didn’t get the sod on Friday because of a mix-up at the sod farm. And then the farm was out of sod for the year, so the Dearliest didn’t get sod at all.

This left his current job in a bit of a bind, because a new lawn was in the contract. The clients’ next choice after sod was hydroseeding. In a nutshell, this means a sticky slurry of seed and mulch blowing at high pressure out of a hose. Doesn’t that just sound fun? 😀 Anyway, after pricing out renting a machine, the Dearliest realized he had most of the parts he needed to build one. He got the parts he didn’t have then spent the weekend putting it all together. Yesterday he used it, and it sounds like it went perfectly.

Meanwhile, the kids helped me make a jewelry board out of a corkboard. We painted the frame green (because I had it on hand), then pinned up some fabric that seemed to go well with it. I’m still working on putting all my jewelry on it, so there’s no picture of that yet!

IMG_8139 IMG_8142

This is what happens when I ask Pokado to chat with TR for a while:


Speaking of TR, guess who’s moving around now?


The Dearliest finds the coolest plants at Home Depot!


Over the last couple days the “new” neighbors moved a double-wide manufactured home down the driveway. The top 1/4 mile of our driveway is shared and there’s a pretty sharp turn to get to the neighbor’s, which is another 1/8 of a mile or so past the Y. The first half of the house sat in the driveway for nearly 4 hours while half a dozen guys tried to figure out how they were going to make the big turn and then (I assume) how they were going to navigate the following turns to the waiting foundation. Since the mudslide took out the big shelf of land that used to be next to the driveway, their options were limited. They made it at last, and it was fun to watch.

And then the Dearliest came home and told me that in order to get the truck and trailer to fit around the first bend at the top of the driveway, they’d cut down a tree I really, really liked. I tried hard not to get too upset, because it’s not on the land we lease, and it’s not my tree, but I kept coming back to it’s not theirs, either. Wah.

I am mostly over it now, and the Dearliest says they did leave one limb, so it will probably grow back. It just won’t be the 20 feet of lovely fragrant glory next spring that I enjoyed so much.

LK is trying to talk me into getting a kitten. He just read “Millions of Cats”, so maybe his thought processed is under influence right now? Or hijacked, for that matter.

Oh, TEA!

The end.

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