Operation 12% Success!!

I have been dying to share this with y’all, but when you’re going to play a joke on someone, it’s best not to say too much too soon, you know?


About 2 weeks ago I saw an ad on Craigslist for a little cabinet that was exactly what I was looking for to go in our bathroom. I wasn’t going into town for a few days, however, so I gave the ad to the Dearliest and asked him to follow up on it for me.

A few days passed and I didn’t hear anything on it, so when my go-to-town day came up I offered to call if he hadn’t already. Maybe they still had it? My hopes weren’t too high at that point, since it was a nice little cabinet. The Dearliest didn’t really respond, just said he had to go meet his brother about a job and we’d talk about it later.

The sneak.

I thought the comment odd, but my first thought of “Well that sure was fishy” dissolved into an assumption he must not like the cabinet. So I dropped it, figured I could keep looking for a cabinet, and went about prepping for my town trip.

I forget now why I had to stop by his job site. Maybe he forgot his planner? Anyway, there I was, getting ready to leave, when he asks if I wanted to call on the cabinet. He handed me the ad, said to ignore the notes on it, gave me cash to pay for it (if it was still available), and I got back in the car.

I called, the lady answered, I asked, she said it was gone. I sighed. Oh well.

I got out of the car to return the cash to the Dearliest, and when I explained someone had already taken it, he started laughing and said, “I know. It’s in the front seat of my truck.”

Once I got over my initial reaction, we looked at it together, and the Dearliest made the comment that I could claim 12% of the effort in attaining it.* This got me thinking and scheming. I’d already warned him there would be payback.



(Isn’t it pretty? 🙂 Except for the plant and the water cups my bathroom counter is now clear!)


It had to be more or less harmless, because let’s face it, who’s going to get genuinely mad at someone for doing exactly what you wanted (just maybe not the way you’d envisioned)? Last week I thought of it in the shower. The perfect revenge. I was so excited I had to spend an extra 5 minutes in the bathroom because I was afraid I’d give away that It Had Come To Me.

The Dearliest frequents a local drive through coffee shop, and he’s somewhat known for going back and forth with the employees. Jokes, jabs, hard times, etc. They all know him by name. I stopped by there yesterday to ask if they’d be willing to help me, and the reaction was pretty enthusiastic. I didn’t know when he’d be through next, but they said not to worry, they’d take care of it when he did.

As time would have it, he went through this morning! He ordered his drink, then per my instructions they presented him with a cup with hardly any coffee in it. He asked what it was, they said his drink, he commented on the lack of drink, they said to read the note.

“Note?” he said.

Then he opened the card and saw my writing. “As a thank you for the beautiful bathroom cabinet, please enjoy 12% of a mocha.”

He did get the real drink in the end, and it was a lovely morning. My only regret is that I couldn’t be there to see his reaction in person.

ETA: Apparently one of the workers saw him coming, and after she made the drink she had the owner of the shop give it to him because “no way was she going to give [the Dearliest] an almost empty cup.” This is the same gal who chose this lid specifically for his cup:


*12% is a reference to The Avengers movie and somewhat of a running joke now.


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