Star Blanket & More Felt

Guess what people! It’s done!


I’ve been calling it a star blanket, but now that I see it all sewn up and such it almost reminds me more of ship wheels. Either way, I kind of dig the colors. I wasn’t sure how well they would end up working together.


Remember a while ago I mentioned I had another idea for felt embroidery? Well, after LK announced I needed more boy things in my Etsy shop, I started thinking about trucks. Because my boy, like every other boy I know, is all over anything with engines and wheels.

So I made this as a trial run:


It’s a lot easier than the brooches, so I’m definitely planning on doing more! I just have to decide if I want to do a backhoe or a bulldozer. Maybe I should ask the machine expert (aka LK) in the house.

(And for those of you who keep track of this kind of thing, no, Eli is not my son. :-P)

3 thoughts on “Star Blanket & More Felt

  1. I love that teal colour and it does go well with chocolate. I agree with LK there is far too little handmade stuff for boys and men around, loving your truck.

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