Topic Dump

Hey, it’s me again, and here’s another post of wending!

1) Zucchini. The Dearliest made the observation a few days ago that God must have invented zucchini in order to make even the worst gardener feel successful. We have 2 plants, the season is still going strong, and I’m already out of room in the fridge and freezer. I think the chickens will be getting a lot of it from here on out!

Here are some pics of the kids and I grating/ shredding the first big batch.


Every year gets a little easier, I must say! The first year I grated gallons and gallons of zucchini by hand. It took my arm/ hand nearly 2 weeks to recover from that, and I swore “never again.” Last year I met the zucchini challenge with a salad shooter. MUCH easier. This year we discovered that LK can run the shooter by himself, and he was right proud of that! The girls washed, I cut, and LK did the shooter thing. TR, of course, gave instructions from his swing. πŸ˜›

Next year I hope to cut the processing time considerably with the addition of a food processor. We’ll see, though. The one I want is more expensive, but there is Christmas and my birthday before next season! πŸ˜€

2) Speaking of birthdays, my little man is going to be FIVE in a little over a week! I really can’t believe how fast he’s growing up and how quickly he’s learning to do things. In the last month he’s taken off in the writing/ reading/ arithmetic area, and the Dearliest and I have to be really careful now in spelling words in conversations. LK knows more than he lets on.

I think I have everything I need to make his space shuttle cake except a black pen (edible ink). Still need to track one down, but I have a lead! He keeps trying to talk me into letting him help make it, and I keep telling him it’s supposed to be a surprise. We’ll see who wins this one…

3) Little crochet things:

IMG_8308 IMG_8309

The hanging photo ornaments are back in the Etsy shop! I do love these for using up little bits of scrap yarn, not to mention the plethora of canning lids floating around as we eat up all the preserves. I see little point in keeping more rings and lids than I have jars, but somehow I seem to always end up with an extra abundance.

4) Last Sunday the Dearliest’s two youngest brothers came out so that the Dearliest could teach them some self defense moves. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially considering that half an hour before “class” was to start, the Dearliest still didn’t really know how he was going to approach it (he’s trained in something like 4 different physical arts but wanted to combine elements of them).

As class started and he began to talk, I became rather captivated. He spent a good 40 minutes speaking on how the mindset is more important than knowing the moves, but then he pulled example after example out of Scripture of ordinary people who met situations that required physical defense. Some were more prepared than others in terms of training, but in all the cases God helped them overcome incredible odds. It wasn’t meant to be a sermon, but I told the Dearliest later than I would love to hear that kind of thing more in churches.

I have plans to make up a list of the verses, not just for me but also for the Dearliest’s sisters, since at least one of them asked if she could start coming to the class. I don’t know how long the class will run, but it’s off to a good start!

Naps are done and quiet time is over now. In other words, the baby is fussing for food and a couple children are quibbling over a toy. Time for Mommy things!


2 thoughts on “Topic Dump

  1. What do you do with all that grated courgette?? We do eat it quite often but not usually grated. Often chopped in a veg chilli or ratatouille, sometimes cut in thin ribbons in a pasta dish.

    • I use it grated in zucchini bread/ muffins, which I make frequently throughout the fall and winter. I have thought about chopping some up to freeze for soups and stirfrys, and once I clear out some more freezer space I will probably do that. I like the idea of thin ribbons in pasta…haven’t done that one before. πŸ™‚

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