More Felt Talk

In case anyone is interested, I thought I’d share how I go about getting a “pattern” for the felt-scapes I’ve done recently. If you aren’t interested, then you can skip the chatter and just scroll down to the bottom for pictures of the latest! 😀

First I start out by picking what I want to feature. Lately this has been construction equipment, so I did image searches on Bing to get a visual understanding of the machines.

The second step is drawing, drawing, drawing (remember the chicken sketches for the rooster pin?)! The Tonka line has been very inspirational, especially since LK has a couple of those and I find drawing a real object MUCH easier than drawing an image on a screen. I fill anywhere from one to three pages of paper with sketches of various sizes until I’m comfortable with the lines. Then I sit down and very carefully draw The Pattern Image.


Once I have the image with basic detail, I take a fine pointed black marker and outline the shapes for the felt pieces. I trace over these on new paper so that I can cut out the individual shapes. I store all the pieces and the pattern detail in a little plastic bag. One bag for each pattern.

Sometimes I trace something and then realize it’s easier simply to eyeball the felt without a pattern piece (like the arm of the excavator or smaller wheels).

Sometimes there are exceptions to this entire process, like the bulldozer:


Maybe it’s because it was my third piece of equipment, but this was my first sketch. It happened to be the size I wanted AND accurate enough to work as a pattern base. Cool, huh? 😀

Everything else in the felt-scapes are cut out freehand.

To use up the foam board I had left after cutting out the larger felt-scapes, I created a set of construction miniatures, which are now available in the shop!


Now I need to come up with something more feminine, because I’ve used up most of my green and brown felt but have a TON of purple, pink, and yellow. What to do, what to do…


2 thoughts on “More Felt Talk

  1. You are very organised keeping the pieces for each pattern in their own bag. I have lots of pieces for my houses in sets of different sizes which are all paper clipped together…. I should sort that out. When I was a child I used to love a toy called Fuzzy Felt which was a felt board and cut out shapes for making pictures, there were lots of sets with different themes. You can still get them. Your pictures reminded me of it. Did you ever play with it??

    • I don’t remember anything like that, alas, but that sounds fun! In fact, you’ve just inspired me to make a felt board tea party scene or cake decorating with the colors I have left. Thank you! 😀

      You know, it makes total sense that there’s a toy out there like that. LK kept snitching the machines before I put them on the foam board. He wanted them to work dirt like nobody’s business!

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