For the Boom of It

Today was the first day ever I went to town BY MYSELF and left 4 children at home.** I mean, I’ve gone to town by myself before, but not since TR was born. Since I was doing some last minute birthday shopping for LK, I didn’t want lots of little eyes watching what I put into the cart. Or the questions. If you have young people, I need not explain further. If you don’t have young people, you probably don’t want to know.

And so, it came to pass that upon the lengthy drive home Fogwood crested the top of the canyon grade. She beheld the looming thunderclouds slowly stampeding across the hillside before her and thought, “Oh. Shoot.”

Fogwood is not fond of thunderstorms, even less so when she’s in a minivan.

But maybe it would pass by the way of the greater canyon nearby and not cross the valley! So she pressed on, perhaps a little faster than she normally would, and kept an eye out for stormy things like rain patches and areas of concentrated lightning. Nothing came close to the road, so for quite a while she felt safe and consequently home free.

Then she reached the last road. Seven minutes from home. Clear skies mostly overhead.


Fogwood nearly had a heart attack, because that happened all at once just off the driver’s side and was so bright she couldn’t see for the briefest moment. Just when she started to calm down… *FLASHKA-BOOM* *FLASHKA-BOOM*

Fogwood will take this moment to say that there’s really only one thing she was truly terrified of as a little girl. Care to venture a guess? Yeah.

Desperate to drown out the noise she blasted the radio, which happened to be on a country station where a woman sang “Take it easy, take it easy.” Message from God or teasing? Fogwood may never know. She continued to feel the thunder, but at least she couldn’t really hear it anymore.

Three minutes of hard, hard rain later it was over, and the last few minutes of the drive home happened in bright, cheerful sunlight.

Fogwood is never going to town ever again.



* With a babysitting aunt, you guys, come on.


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