Life, Lovely Life

Aka I’ve been as busy as a two year old, only with not as much energy. 😛

I have picture things to share!

The birthday boy peruses his awaiting score:

IMG_8428_resize IMG_8447_resize IMG_8434_resize

I couldn’t get the rascal to smile on my lap for anything, alas.


We had some rainstorms pass through, and it seemed Fall was truly in the air. Hay rides are fun in the fall.


Here we see the bottom part of the Dearliest’s latest project–the chicken house! Not to be confused with the mobile chicken house he built for the meat birds. This one is for the layers. Although, my understanding is that he intends it to be mobile too, but by tractor. The floor is upright because he just finished putting R-15 insulation in it. I think this going to be one cozy chicken house.

Once the chicken house is done I believe his next project is getting the aforementioned tractor working!

And then, yesterday was the first major Harvest the Garden Day.

IMG_8504_resizeIMG_8510IMG_8517_resizeIMG_8514_resizeIMG_8515_resizeIMG_8523 IMG_8519

All the onions, all the red potatoes (about 1/4 of the total potato crop…still waiting for the russets and whites), the first of the acorn squashes, and some other stuff.

And, in the handwork department, here are a couple offerings!


My mom heard about my felt-scapes and sent me a box that included a few frames she’d picked up on clearance. I saw the forest scene and felt a log skidder was appropriate! Environmentalists are going to hate it, but oh well.


First time making toddler-sized fingerless gloves! They are extremely basic, but I’m seeing so much potential and possibility here. They’re really quite versatile!

Other things are cooking. I’ve promised LK a tractor felt-scape. With a round hay baler. In a wheat field. The little guy knows how to order detail, I’ll give him that. Then there’s the purple knitting project I’ve had going on for a few weeks. Pictures and post on that soon.

It feels kinda nice to only have one project going on right now, although I suspect I’ll be itching to start something new here in a few days.


One thought on “Life, Lovely Life

  1. Wow! That’s quite a garden you have going there! Nice crop! I need to call and get some tips. I’m not picking my acorn squash yet because, while they’re large, they’re still really green. And…I only have two. 😦 Not sure what I did wrong, but like I said, I’ll call sometime soon and quiz you on gardening. 🙂 And I recognize that frame from when your mom and I used to go to the Lasercraft warehouse and buy frames.

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