Going Things and Storyfied Shoutout

I have attempted to sit down and write this post so many times in the last week that I’m afraid I no longer remember what “going things” I had planned to mention. We’ve gone to town 2-3 times more than usual the last couple weeks, but that hardly seems worthy of recording. We’re going on a road trip soon to my home state of California for my grandfather’s 90th birthday, but I don’t really know more beyond that at the moment so there’s not much to say on that score.

What I can say is that God has really demonstrated that He’s behind this trip and we are [in general] on the right track, as it were. Lots of little things needed to come together for me, and one by one they have been. The Dearliest needed some things to happen work-wise, and today a lot of it happened, including lining up some jobs for after we get back. This is lovely.

We’re in the middle of a rainstorm right now, and I got soaked in town because I didn’t think to take an umbrella. Oops. At least my box of things stayed dry! Today is entry day for fair exhibits, and this is the first year since we’ve been here that I haven’t been sick and unable to take care of it myself. Yay! Not sure at this point what day we’re going to attend once the fair opens, but LK can’t wait to see the “big fair toys” in action.

A memory of the summer:


And now, I would like to draw your attention to my long-time friend Marie (her blog is here) who recently sent me the most delightful package of goodies.


She makes a lot of amazing things with paper. Altered travel journals for her regular adventures about the country, origami 50s dresses, and these sweet little memo pads and envelopes just to name a few things.

She also does cool things with fabric like hair bows or in this case, a neat horse pin.


Her Etsy shop is on vacation at the moment, but look! You can see some of the things she’s sold in the past while you wait for her to return. ๐Ÿ˜€


One thought on “Going Things and Storyfied Shoutout

  1. I am only just now getting caught up on my feed reader (I am tempted to never take a vacation again! So behind on all the things!) but wow, thank you for this post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you got the package – enjoy! (When I found the horse button, I knew I had to save it for something for you. :))

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