The fair is a mass of people throwing cash.

It’s a gigantic people-watching playground
Where sugar is turned into hyper-ness
At the speed of the blink of an eye.

Anyway. Brief tribute to my teen years there. The fair was fun, although it’s about a tenth the size of the fair I grew up with. Someone called it a “one hour fair”, and that about sums it up. The things I entered all did well, and I’m particularly proud of my chocolate cake, which unexpectedly took two special awards! I will share the recipe here at some point. 😀

Fall weather hit us this last week, and seeing all the changing leaves in town inspired me to crochet some fall things. Autumn has never been a favorite season, I suspect because the colors associated with it aren’t typically ones I find attractive (I’m more of a winter/ spring person). I do enjoy seeing the trees full of color, though, which is why I made these!

I started with a pattern out of a vintage book. The leaf was part of a larger motif, but it seemed an easy place to start since I’ve never done leaves before. After doing a few of them I modified the pattern a little to add the stem, and I have ideas on how to make “fatter” leaves. Also, I want to try to recreate oak and maple leaves, but I haven’t even started looking yet.

For kicks I also made some in green:


Both are available in the shop. I will also take this moment to say I’m running a special through the end of the month, and on top of that I’ve created a special coupon code for Creative Wending readers! It can be found in the Fogwood Creations tab in the top bar (next to the About tab).


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