Blocking a Knit Scarf/ Shawlette

So! I finished my purple project, which is a sort of neck warmer/ shawlette creation that is awaiting blocking. The problem is I have a) never blocked a knit garment before (I assume it’s more or less the same as crochet?) b) never blocked something of this size before and c) actually don’t have much experience with blocking period (aside from some crocheted doilies).

I started with research and narrowed my search results down to these three:

I have learned now some of the basic blocking methods, and I think I’m going to soak, weave the edges with yarn, and pin the points. The Dearliest said he has some foam insulation board I can use as a blocking platform, so I think my last issue is going to be figuring out the pins. I have straight sewing pins, but I don’t know that they’re waterproof/ resistant and I’m concerned they may rust if the neck warmer is going to be wet 4+ hours.

Anyone have any tips on this?


2 thoughts on “Blocking a Knit Scarf/ Shawlette

  1. I haven’t much experience of blocking. All I have done is pin out some of my crochet blocks and steam blocked them with steam from the iron (acrylic yarn). Just got some of those foam playmat type things for the future though.

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