I have decided I do too much laundry. I’m tired of always having clothes in the washer/ dryer and 2-3 loads constantly on the couch waiting to be folded. At least until the kids get a little older and can help more with it, I’m changing the game. Less laundry = less clothing in the house, so today begins Operation Downsize! My goal is to cut clothes by at least a third (half would be awesome) and be done by Thanksgiving.

There are things in my closet I’ve only worn once. There are several things I only wear if it’s the last option available. Why wear stuff I don’t love? I have a number of things I love to wear, and if I had fewer clothes I might feel better about bringing a new item into the wardrobe every now and again. Not to mention my style has been in a state of change the last few years, and a good chunk of my clothes no longer jive with what I’m after.

And that’s just my clothes. The Dearliest has expressed a desire to clean out quite a bit of his shirts, and the kids…well, let’s just say a lot of our little guest cabin is storing numerous totes right now.

Here’s to simpler living!


3 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. I love a bit of decluttering and simplifying. But with less clothes there is the same amount of laundry… You just have to do it all faster if you see what I mean. The same shirt instead of being worn and washed once a week might go round twice a week instead. There will be less piled on the sofa to fold and put away though.

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