TR is good for Squeaky.

Squeaky, my dear Squeaky. All of my children have stubborn streaks and stronger wills, but Squeaky is the one who seems to have both in spades. She challenges everything, doesn’t seem scared of anything, and heaven help us all if she enters the realm past reason (this is, of course, known in some circles as The Tantrum).

Tantrums are semi-frequent with her, and how I approach (or ignore) them depends on what set her off to begin with. Since TR arrived, however, sometimes I don’t have to do anything at all. I’ve lost count of the number of times Squeaky dipped a toe into a river of fuss only to have TR shriek back at her. He matches her pitch and tone and whine yet somehow manages to add into it a degree of snark and “this is how ridiculous you look girl.” She hates being mocked (who doesn’t?) and more often than not she drops the fit right there.

It doesn’t always work; sometimes he only makes things worse by making her mad, and sometimes I ruin everything by laughing at his attempts when I should be the model of a Calm but Firm Parent. On the whole, though, his ability to keep her in line is right up there with the Dearliest’s, and that’s saying something for an almost 7 month old!


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