Row, row, row your variations

Thanks to LK, I will never hear the children’s song the same way again. Row Row Row Your Boat has been his latest obsession, but after 3 consecutive nights of him singing himself to sleep with it, apparently it got a little old because lately I’ve been hearing all manner of new and unique versions.

For example:
“Row row row your duck…etc…life is but a quack!” (repeat idea with several animals)

And then we moved to family members:
“Row row row your TR…etc…life is but a powerscoot!”
“Row row row your Squeaky…etc…life is but a whine!”
“Row row row your Pokado…etc…life is but a spit!”

“Wait,” I interjected, “What? Pokado doesn’t spit!”
“She got sick on the boat.” And then he just looked at me knowingly.


4 thoughts on “Row, row, row your variations

  1. Just remembered, Little J came out with a brilliant one this week. He was off to karate and said “Mum, will you cut my nose tails”!! That had me giggling for ages.

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