“Look, Mommy!”

Said the Squeaky gleefully, holding up a small Lego creation.

“Ooh! Nice!” I replied appropriately, then (maybe not so appropriately) continued, “That looks like a deringer.”


“It’s a little firepower.”


Her 2-year old self sounded way too excited, and I internally thought, Great one, Mom. Not a good thing here. But of course I couldn’t stop there because my not-quite-awake-yet state beheld the creation that LK brought to me and my first thought (which I apparently said out loud) was, “That looks like a taser.”

When a 5 year old blinks at you and then laughs a little evilly, you get kind of worried. How did he know what a taser was?

Answer: I’m not sure I want to know.

Good morning everyone!


Recent What-Have-Yous

Coming off two week-long colds in 1 month is like coming off a headstrong horse six times in 20 minutes. The only difference perhaps is that the run of colds didn’t leave me with a broken arm. 😛 (I still have Feelings for that animal. Murderous feelings. But that’s not what this post is about.)

All that to say, I’m finally feeling human again and able to get back into the routine, part of which is some daily crochet work because life becomes more likely to implode on me without at least 5 minutes of something creative going on. Yaknowhatimean? Sorry. In a Mood here.

Look! Bows!

IMG_9268 IMG_9285

And another quick workup:


All of that is available in the shop which, btw, now has a new section for Yarns and Threads, but right now there’s only yarn, no threads.

How involved is shipping internationally? I remember sitting down once to attempt figuring it out, and I don’t know if my brain participated in a triathlon during the night or what but I couldn’t seem to make sense of the process At All. Is it much more expensive than shipping “locally”?

The other day as the fog of sinus pressure lifted, I looked at the bare wall over my extremely-weird corner kitchen sink and thought “I really ought to do something with that.” I enlisted the Dearliest’s help (because even with my height I couldn’t reach the spot next to the window and leaning waaaay over on the step stool made me feel like I was leaning waaaay over the Grand Canyon or some other great chasm), and behold, this happened:


My mother collects Lena Liu prints (she finds them at the most amazing prices, sometimes even thrift store prices!), and I rather like her work as well so on occasion I find myself with a new one or two courtesy of my mother’s bargain shopping. I’ve had these floating around the house for a couple months, but I think they’ve found a permanent home at last!

I also think I’m out of what-have-yous for now. Time to prep for a town adventure!

I have been thinking.

I’ve been blessed with so much yarn, I should like very much to share some it. If I did a yarn giveaway would people be interested? I would, alas, have to limit it to the USA because I haven’t a clue how to ship internationally. I also, alas, know nothing about how to do a giveaway on a blog. Anyone have tips or recommendations?

Foggy Socks

We woke up to this:


The whole valley, engulfed. Pretty awesome.

During this foggy-for-everyone-else-but-us day I finished a crochet project!

IMG_9208 IMG_9204

I’ve made socks and slippers before but haven’t really been impressed. I tend to like the looks of knit footwear more than crocheted. But THEN I saw this pattern (or here if you’re not on Ravelry) and had to try it and you know what? I LOVE it!

Alas this pair is not intended for me (not to mention it’s not my size anyway), but I may just have to make myself a pair. In something luxuriously soft. And warm. Maybe I’ll make them tall boot socks in a shockingly bright color for winter!

Update on Deleting Likes

I TOLD you there was something else I meant to mention yesterday!

I did a bunch of searching on the WordPress forums, FAQ, etc., and came up with the following.

You cannot prevent people from Liking on a blog that has enabled Likes. You cannot remove Likes once the Likes are there.

You can choose to not show existing Likes (and prevent future likes) by changing the setting under Settings>Sharing. It’s the last option on the page. You can also change this option for an individual entry upon making a New Post (using the advanced New Post; I get there from My Blogs>Add A New Post) or Edit. I don’t know if it’s really called the advanced New Post page or not, but that’s what I call the one with all the options available. “Likes and Shares” is at the bottom underneath “Writing Helper” and the text box.

Since my query last week was specific to Likes, I’ll not go into comments at all, although the two were always linked/ mentioned together in the searching I did. If anyone has any questions about comments I can link you to the information I found helpful.

Thanks to My Northern Cottage View for giving me a place to start in all this!

The Purple Project

I suppose I could have included this in yesterday’s “Finished!” post, but 1) I didn’t have the right shirt on to take pictures at the time and 2) I’m mostly over the cold, but yesterday I still didn’t feel pretty enough to wear this. Feeling exponentially better today though, and therefore exponentially prettier. 😀


The pattern is Spring Seeds Neckwarmer, found here on Ravelry. For those not on Ravelry, the pattern is here


I definitely need more practice blocking larger things (larger to me means bigger than your regular doily), but for a first go around it’s alright.


I rather like it with the pin my friend Marie made for me. I left the button off the neckwarmer just so I could use a pin!

As a final note, this is only the second thing I have ever made for me. I don’t usually make things for me, but I wanted this yarn and have been holding onto it for a couple years now waiting for the right pattern to come along. Glad it finally did! 😀


I used to turn all my bread heels into croutons, because I’m not a huge fan of eating them (unless it’s bread fresh out of the oven, because nothing holds melted butter like the heel!). Then LK came along, and he is a heel miser. So now I haven’t been making croutons. My salads miss them.

I’m thinking I’ll offer a compromise. He can have the first heel, and I’ll take the end heel. I supposed I could just use middle slices for croutons, but I do like the particular crunch the heels give!