Yarn Heaven

A little while ago I made mention of a large amount of yarn that my mother managed to procure off the Freecycle in her area. I had great fun in going through it and was pleasantly surprised and amazed to discover that over half the yarn was cotton/ cotton blends and wool/ wool blends. I originally intended to leave all the acrylic yarn, since my skin generally prefers natural fibers, but then my dad said he was planning a trip to visit (since he missed a good chunk of our trip to CA) and rather than ship the yarn he could bring all of it with him.

So I have two full garbage bags full of yarns. I told the Dearliest that God keeps providing me with yarn, so He must want me to continue making stuff. Right? Right.

Today I started going through the yarn more carefully. Care to join me?


I started with the cottons and wools bag, because I like cottons and wools.

If anyone has any suggestions for the more textured/ 3 dimensional yarn, I’m all ears! Or eyes. I have no experience crocheting yarns with more texture. Also, the thinner cotton stuff is almost cord-like. Not sure what I’m going to do with that either.

Such a range of weights and I can’t wait to get my fingers in some of it! Lucky me I’m almost done with my current projects and therefore am ready to start another one or two (or three, or four…).


3 thoughts on “Yarn Heaven

  1. Oooooo how exciting! Those two coloured skeins look good. I haven’t a lot of experience with textured yarn either but when I first started I did try with some bits that were in my scrap bag. It was impossible to crochet because I couldn’t see the stitches! It was a kind of lumpy, bobbly yarn. Think you will just have to give it a go and see what happens!

  2. ENVY! XD

    My suggestion for your “three dimensional” yarn is to get a large hook, like, a really BIG hook and crochet scarves or hats with them. Unless you want to take up textile art and weave them into a picture of some kind…which could be interesting! 🙂

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