On the mend again.

We were all struck with colds a couple days ago in a rather sudden and violent manner. People talk about “fighting colds”, but it’s been a long time since I genuinely felt the cold come at us with gloves off. And maybe an axe in the hand. Or something. I think my metaphor ran off with itself.

Today is the first day the kids seem on the mend. Their morning banter has returned, and as they chattered over honey peppermint tea I commented how glad I was to see them all feeling better.

“I don’t feel better!” exclaimed Pokado dramatically.
“Me neither!” agreed LK emphatically.
“Me too!” added Squeaky in her ‘I’m not about to be left out of this’ manner.

“Oh, well. Alrighty then,” I said. And then they giggled a little before returning to their conversing.


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