Delete/ Block Likes of Unwanted Users?

Does anyone know of a way to delete likes without removing the “Like” option entirely? I get 2-3 new followers a week that (I believe) are only following/ liking for publicity. Money making schemes, etc.

My policy (after visiting three or so of these followers) is that unless I know the person I don’t even visit their site without an approved comment first, but I’m wondering if I can remove their presence altogether? The following I can just ignore, but the likes make a physical appearance on the blog so that’s what I’m mostly interested in removing if possible.

ETA: For now I’m just hiding the likes on the particular blog post that’s motivating this query. I’d still rather be able to delete, but this is an acceptable compromise.


4 thoughts on “Delete/ Block Likes of Unwanted Users?

  1. I’m not sure about this one. You may want to check with WordPress support. The way I get there is to hover my mouse over my gravatar in the upper right corner of my blog page, then click on “help & support” in the drop down menu. Then from there you can type in a question. I would love to know what you find out. Blessings!

  2. Can’t help really but I know what you mean… they are annoying. Mostly I just get follows and if I think they are just wanting a follow back I won’t do it. I’ve had the odd dodgy comment other than spam but I haven’t approved them. Don’t know what you can do about likes. I would imagine there is a way to completely block a particular user.

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