Update on Deleting Likes

I TOLD you there was something else I meant to mention yesterday!

I did a bunch of searching on the WordPress forums, FAQ, etc., and came up with the following.

You cannot prevent people from Liking on a blog that has enabled Likes. You cannot remove Likes once the Likes are there.

You can choose to not show existing Likes (and prevent future likes) by changing the setting under Settings>Sharing. It’s the last option on the page. You can also change this option for an individual entry upon making a New Post (using the advanced New Post; I get there from My Blogs>Add A New Post) or Edit. I don’t know if it’s really called the advanced New Post page or not, but that’s what I call the one with all the options available. “Likes and Shares” is at the bottom underneath “Writing Helper” and the text box.

Since my query last week was specific to Likes, I’ll not go into comments at all, although the two were always linked/ mentioned together in the searching I did. If anyone has any questions about comments I can link you to the information I found helpful.

Thanks to My Northern Cottage View for giving me a place to start in all this!


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