Recent What-Have-Yous

Coming off two week-long colds in 1 month is like coming off a headstrong horse six times in 20 minutes. The only difference perhaps is that the run of colds didn’t leave me with a broken arm. πŸ˜› (I still have Feelings for that animal. Murderous feelings. But that’s not what this post is about.)

All that to say, I’m finally feeling human again and able to get back into the routine, part of which is some daily crochet work because life becomes more likely to implode on me without at least 5 minutes of something creative going on. Yaknowhatimean? Sorry. In a Mood here.

Look! Bows!

IMG_9268 IMG_9285

And another quick workup:


All of that is available in the shop which, btw, now has a new section for Yarns and Threads, but right now there’s only yarn, no threads.

How involved is shipping internationally? I remember sitting down once to attempt figuring it out, and I don’t know if my brain participated in a triathlon during the night or what but I couldn’t seem to make sense of the process At All. Is it much more expensive than shipping “locally”?

The other day as the fog of sinus pressure lifted, I looked at the bare wall over my extremely-weird corner kitchen sink and thought “I really ought to do something with that.” I enlisted the Dearliest’s help (because even with my height I couldn’t reach the spot next to the window and leaning waaaay over on the step stool made me feel like I was leaning waaaay over the Grand Canyon or some other great chasm), and behold, this happened:


My mother collects Lena Liu prints (she finds them at the most amazing prices, sometimes even thrift store prices!), and I rather like her work as well so on occasion I find myself with a new one or two courtesy of my mother’s bargain shopping. I’ve had these floating around the house for a couple months, but I think they’ve found a permanent home at last!

I also think I’m out of what-have-yous for now. Time to prep for a town adventure!


6 thoughts on “Recent What-Have-Yous

  1. Every time I get a cold now it’s a sinus one so I know exactly what you mean. Hope it’s all gome soon. Also totally understand about the mystical power of crochet to prevent the world from imploding πŸ˜‰

  2. I like Lena Liu too!

    International shipping…I’ve been thinking of offering that myself and doing a bit of research. Yes, international shipping is more expensive, about twice that of domestic shipping. Apparently if you print your shipping label using the Etsy tool provided, there is a merchant discount and all the necessary customs paperwork is included so you’re only left with signing it before mailing. I did go ahead and invest in a mail scale to weigh my own packages at home. Then, according to the folks I consulted, all that’s left is to go to and calculate the cost. THEN you buy the Etsy label…I think. I’m still praying about it/considering it/waiting for the mail scale to arrive. I’m certain I would have more sales if I offered international shipping. And, as one wise advisor said, don’t worry about the shipping costs, charge what you must and let the customer decide if it’s worth it. That bit of advice has relieved me of feeling guilty for the cost of shipping.

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