Been a little while, hasn’t it?

We’ve had two rounds of bad colds, which upon retrospect I actually suspect were flus on account of the fevers and tummy troubles accompanying the rest of it. I can’t remember any of us ever getting fevers with your garden variety cold before.

Everybody got taken down twice at varying times, but the bottom line is someone has been sick since the beginning of the month. The worst time was the three days two of the kids were in the thick of it when I got hit, then TR decided to teeth and growth spurt at the same time. Not much sleep to be had for a while!

I hate to be pessimistic, but this being sick stuff has kind of killed the pre-Christmas excitement for me. I’m still very much looking forward to it, but it’s hard to be excited at the thought of decorating when the house looks like nobody has touched it in two weeks because, honestly? Nobody has.

Still! It’s not all bad, and I do try to see the positive side of things, so here are a few of the goings on from the last few weeks.


We got our tree! The Dearliest took LK and Pokado a little ways over the bank to go scouting last week, and they found a nice, tall, filled out Douglas fir. It doesn’t have much on it yet, but Pokado took it upon herself to commandeer and hang all the purple ornaments in the first box we opened.


A couple days ago these two were pretty under the weather. Cuddles abound.


We tried a new source for raw honey and were surprised at how little filtering had been done to it! So much wax and other particles…we didn’t much like it in our tea, and we use honey in tea daily. Thusly, we rigged this double boiler-type setup. Pan + pot + enamel canning funnel + coffee pot filter. Fill pan with water and heat on the lowest setting. It works beautifully and quickly, and it cleans the honey quite nicely! We have to clean the filter periodically with mild dish soap to remove the wax build up, but all in all it’s not too difficult a process. I think we’ll stick to our regular honey source after this, though!


TR, feeling much better.


Even when laid out on the couch LK loves Christmas. He’s keeping a few of his favorite Christmas cards with him.


My sister-in-law hosted a Christmas tea party yesterday, but I decided in the end not to go because I wasn’t feeling well enough. I’d already made my appetizer and did have to go into town anyways, so I just dropped it off and hopefully they enjoyed them! This was one of the tea dishes I experienced in California. I unfortunately couldn’t really taste mine, but the Dearliest said they were really good and LK and Squeaky couldn’t get enough of them. Finally! A way to get LK to eat veggies!

Oh, and speaking of Squeaky…


I’m afraid this is the only recent picture I have of her.

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