Logic According to the 3 Year Old

We have guests arriving tomorrow to spend Christmas week in our little cabin:IMG_3547

Fortunately that picture is from a couple years ago and is not the current snow state.

The kids and I have spent a couple hours a day up there this last week. Cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning! Yesterday my mother-in-law generously gave a few hours of her time to come out and finish the cleaning I simply wasn’t going to get to (but still needed desperately to be done). Today the kids and I tromped through 4″ of snow with a couple bags of decorations because what’s a Christmas vacation cabin without a few decorations?

Among the Things is a little fake tree, and as I pulled it out LK asked, “Why is it such a little tree?”

Before I could answer Pokado looked at him sideways and replied, “Because it’s a little cabin.”

As an aside, decorating this year is minimal. With Christmas less than a week away, I have a hard time justifying decking the halls when it’s just coming down again in another week or so. We have our tree and I decided to bring out the Christmas tea set and my snow globes (I don’t collect too many things, but I do like tea things and snow globes!). Even they may return to the boxes if I feel cleaning the shelves for them isn’t going to happen in a timely enough fashion!


2 thoughts on “Logic According to the 3 Year Old

  1. Our tree went up last weekend other decorations are gradually starting to appear now that term is over and there is a tiny bit more time. Perhaps it will all be out by middle of next week! Then put away before term starts again. I prefer it like that. Never decorate on the 1st…. Makes it all go on far too long!

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