Sleep deprived. It’s the new norm.

Greetings! This post is brought to you by the mommy who was up all night with an unhappy baby. Literally. Like, walking the floors up all night. Fortunately the Dearliest was able to take over the brood this morning to allow me a few hours of sleep. They were blissful hours of hard sleep so all things considered I’m not feeling too badly. Kinda jittery, but maybe that’s the caffeine dancing.

We finally seem to be overcoming what the lovely TW dubbed “The Pogo Flu”. We’ve been fighting it since the beginning of December, but I rest in the comfort of learning that we’re not the only ones who can’t seem to shake it. It’s going around and everyone who gets it goes through an average of 3 relapses. I think we’ve all gone through 4 now. Hopefully it’s the last. I started taking aggressive measures this last week to combat any lingering germs in the house…washed all the toys, disinfected all the door knobs and anything else that gets touched a lot, more frequent bedding washes, etc. Hopefully we’re done. I so want to be DONE.

On a happier note, Little K learned how to finger knit the other day, and he was so excited! He’s been wanting to learn to knit or crochet for the longest time but isn’t quite able to manage a hook or needles. When I learned about finger knitting I thought that might be right up his alley and yup. I was right.

He surprised me by announcing he wanted to sell his finger knitting in Etsy, so we talked about what that meant and the kinds of things he could make. He settled on a bracelet, picked out some black nylon cord from my stash, and went to work.


I think it turned out really neat and interesting (but maybe I’m biased?). I wouldn’t have thought to use nylon cord in this way, but it makes for a bouncy, springy strand of sleekness.

Still have to take pictures of what I’ve been up to. You can look for that soon, but not today!


2 thoughts on “Sleep deprived. It’s the new norm.

  1. I’m well impressed with LK’s finger knitting. It looks very modern. I think he could sell it. Fingers crossed your extreme cleaning has done the trick. It sounds horrible…. Really hope it doesn’t reach us.

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