Hey la, hey la

Little K went to town with the Dearliest to see about selling a drywall lift. The girls and baby are down for naps, and here I am contemplating what to do with the hour or so of solitude before me. Do I get ahead in the kitchen deep cleaning that has consumed my life for the last few days (cleaning always takes 3 times longer with little helpers)? Do I work on Pokado’s birthday gift (a crocheted outfit for her doll…doll clothes are HARD, although maybe that’s due to my lack of pattern)? Do I write the overdue blog post? Do I finally fold ALL the laundries?

Yeah, I think we can all guess which of those won out today.

So yes. Two weeks ago I came up with a brilliant plan for deep-cleaning the house. I divided it by room, assigned a set number of days per room (based on the level of Disaster in said room), and started out in the kitchen with a triumphant gung-ho attitude. I was SO going to have a spotless house by February. So yes. That was two weeks ago. You may remember from my first paragraph that I’m still in the kitchen. I’d slotted 3 days for that.

I must admit that deep-cleaning goes not-so-well, but at least life is happening and the kids are having boat loads of fun with their water spray bottles and rags. When put before a window, wall, or cabinet, it’s amazing how long those two little objects will keep a child entertained!

Anybody else meal plan a week or so out? I used to do it faithfully until TR came along, and it’s been nearly 10 months now since I’ve done it. Starting to get back into it as much as I can…it takes some stress off my day knowing in advance what’s going on the table.

We had some incredible wind last weekend. Gusts up to at least 60 mph! I guess when a tropical front meets a cold front, Drama Happens. We didn’t lose power completely (strangely enough), but there were times it flickered on and off for minutes on end.

I made a pretty thing!

IMG_9704 IMG_9696

Next up: a green one. I think. Once I figure out what style to go for. Does anyone have experience incorporating beads into crochet? I really like some of the beaded crocheted jewelry I’ve seen, but I’m not sure where to start with that. Or if I really want to get into beads at all. It’s one more thing to store. And stuff.

Thusly ends a random update. Tea is gone, chocolate is consumed. Maybe I will tackle the kitchen some more now…

3 thoughts on “Hey la, hey la

  1. The pretty thing is gorgeous. Would look great in white or cream or even black. I plan the meals for the week ahead. They are not set to specific days… Just a list of seven meals. I choose which one fits the available time slot best in the morning so things can defrost if necessary. The easiest meals get done on the busiest days. It’s flexible. Sometimes there’s leftovers so I have an extra meal. I do it this way because I tend to do most of the grocery shopping online and have it delivered.

    • Thanks! I had thought of cream or white but wasn’t sure how it would jive with the black cord. Might be good in a modern way! I do the same with meals. I like having a plan that’s flexible. In fact, you could say it’s a necessity. 😀 I’ve heard about ordering groceries online and always wanted to try it, although most likely no one would come all the way out here. Heehee!

  2. I’ve wanted to try beads and crochet myself. It looks easy enough but you definitely need to plan ahead with your pattern. Beads are not something you can add on the fly. You need to string ALL of them on your thread before you begin, then bring them forward into the pattern you want. I’m certain I’ve seen both YouTube and blog tutorials on this.

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