Little K has refined tastes.

First he announced that Holst was one of his favorite composers.

Then he sniffed my tea one afternoon and we had the following exchange:
“This smells different. I don’t know this tea Mommy. Can I have a sip?”
*takes a sip*
“Oh, I like this! I haven’t had it before! What is it?”
“This is Earl Grey.”

On a slightly related and random note, I can use a spoon that previously made tea to make coffee, but I can NOT use a spoon previously used for coffee to make tea. It must be rinsed first. Why?? It’s gotta be psychological, because there’s barely a drip left on the spoon and a drop of coffee can’t possibly contaminate a cup of tea, right?

My brain apparently believes otherwise.

Today Pokado turned 4! We’ve all been working on preparations for her cake the last few days. This afternoon I will assemble it all together. In theory. She’s very excited. 😀

Tomorrow is the party, if people can get here. There’s a section of the driveway that’s rather encased with ice (but that’s another story for another post, if I remember to touch on it). The Dearliest has plans to lay down a bunch of sand to make it passable without chains (we hope). The last week has been non-stop freezing fog, and lemme tell you that is NASTY STUFF. My word. Makes for a very pretty landscape though, I’ll say that!

Time to go try to finish Kate’s birthday present before she wakes up from her nap!

Oh, never mind. All three of the nappers just awoke simultaneously. How do they do that?   O_o


2 thoughts on “Little K has refined tastes.

  1. Hope she has a brilliant birthday. I remember Big J eating marinated olives in a pizza restaurant when he was about two!! They seem to like big flavours. I can’t use a fork that is even slightly bent, it has to be a nice fork, not an old wonky one. No idea why! Just picky I guess!!!

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