Artisan Bread Win!

Hey! It’s two posts in one day!

Yesterday I came across the topic of artisan bread from the delightful Patch, and it reminded me that I’ve had the same recipe that she used in my “to try” queue for ages. Determined and inspired after reading her experience with it, I set about making my own.


It really was just as easy as she said it was, and it’s super yummy! Especially with tea. And lots of butter. 😀


The only change I made was to use half white flour and half wheat flour.The original recipe is from here.

The cd of Holst’s Planets arrived yesterday, and we’ve been enjoying listening to it immensely. Jupiter seems to be a favorite with the girls, but I’m finding myself partial to Mars and I think Little K is too given he’s been charging about the house declaring himself the Planet of War. I finally had to inform him he wasn’t allowed to “planet battle” with his sisters, and then Pokado declared Arc a baby planet and…well, I’m not sure where this is going to go with them. Child’s play is fascinating to me sometimes.



One thought on “Artisan Bread Win!

  1. Yay, you made it. Almost easy enough to do everyday! For my second loaf I did half white half wholemeal. I preferred it to all white as it had more flavour… A bit nutty.
    Wonder what my boys would make of Holst?!?

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