The Time Has Come

About a week ago I started thinking about Project: Emerald again. It’s been a good long while, a decent break, and I think I’m ready for the final mile in this marathon.

Yesterday I laid the rows out to refresh myself what the next step is (7 months is a long time to not look at something!).


I ripped out the sections I needed to move around and after a few short runs the rows will be good to sew together!


The next step will be to get batting, then we’ll enter the next tedious part: quilting! I intend to hand quilt using the buttons from the shirts and green thread or yarn. Also, maybe a little hand stitching? I don’t know. Maybe that would be too much.

Is it bad that I’m already planning my next sewing project? Another quilt. Not one so complicated, though, because I really don’t want to spend another 4 years on one blanket! The Dearliest picked up some 100% wool batting our last drive through Bodega, CA, and of course one must make a wool quilt to go with it!

I’ve started collecting higher quality wool clothing (coats, pants, etc) from thrift stores for the project. Need to get a bit more yet, but I have a start at least!


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