LK didn’t eat his lunch today, because eggs are icky or something (let’s forget for a moment that this little guy regularly packs away 2 fried eggs at breakfast). When he does this he’s not allowed to complain about being hungry, and quite frequently whatever he didn’t eat shows up at the next meal or snack because, yanno, parenting and stuff.

Here we are, a scant few minutes away from snack time and LK casually asked if the food from lunch is still in the pan. He halfheartedly peered into the kitchen while I looked at him sideways. I wish I could capture in words the rainbow of joy-joy that appeared over (and through) him when I told him yes, the lunch food was all gone. He was getting something else for a snack.

The rascal. I have half a mind to hand him a can of tuna.

– – – –

In other news, apparently Pokado can read? I had no clue, but she recognized “fish” and pointed it out to the Dearliest and LK.

– – – –

A small crochet project recently wrapped up for New Zealand:


– – – –

The latest obsession in the house is fishing. The Dearliest got a fishing license, and recently he started collecting his fishing gear. LK now talks about rods, reels, and lines; steelhead, salmon, and catfish (which are “really really creepy”), and the kids all play “Fishing” now with string and plastic cups and a wild imagination. I asked Pokado once what she was doing with a spoon and she returned with, “Cleaning the fish!” Oookay.

It does have me thinking, though. The leaf pattern would be really easy to adjust a little bit to turn into a fish pattern! I think I’ll try making up a few and see what happens.

– – – – –

Ah, yes. Moments.



3 thoughts on “Randoms

  1. Crochet dish for pretend fishing… Sounds like an excellent idea. Big J thinks he likes fishing. We were given some fishing gear but haven’t used it yet. I think once he’s been and seen what it really entails…. Lots of waiting…. Then he will soon decide its “boring”!

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