I did it!


I didn’t much care for the first attempt (the top one, although maybe I’d like it better in a solid color), but I rather like the second design, and I have some other ideas (mostly on how to work in different colors).

This project taught me that I’m actually not so much a fan of color work. All the moving back and forth between yarns really slows the fingers down. It gives me a whole new appreciation for all of the crocheters and knitters I know who regularly use multiple colors at once!

I’m still trying to come up with a baby-safe way to “catch” the fish. With the older kiddos I can hand them a clothespin on a string tied to a stick, but with Arc on the floor a clothespin isn’t so good. I thought about velcro, but it would be such a small bit of it…not sure how to stitch it onto cotton yarn and have it stay.


2 thoughts on “Fish!

  1. I missed this post while I was at Grandma Ps. They look great. Here Velcro is either sew on or stick on. The stick on is sticky on the back. It would stick really firmly to itself so if you folded it over the string it might work? If you can get some.

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