Sitting for just a moment.

I had all kinds of bloggery planned for today, but the laundry and grumpy kids had different ideas. So! Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming up:

  • Arc turned 1 year old! And there was a party. And stuff.
  • I haven’t forgotten about the post re: treating a systemic yeast infection. It’s coming soon.
  • A new knitting project!
  • Another music project! And my dive into VSDC editing software.

For now I can offer a couple humorous anecdotes from recent days.

1) LK rode with the Dearliest into town, whereupon they stopped at the family’s house to pick up SuperC. LK noticed a truck there he didn’t know and asked whose it was. “That’s N’s,” he was told. (N, it should be noted, is Aunt A’s beau. They are very happy.) “Oh,” he returned,”Is he one of my uncles?” “No,” came the reply, “Not an uncle, at least not yet.” “Oh.” There was a pause, “Is he in training?”

It is now a LK classic.*

2) One of my baby headbands has been getting a lot of traffic on Etsy over the last week, and I couldn’t figure out why until today a kind person sent me a message. They wanted to know if the headband really was $750? *MEGA-FACEPALM* Apparently I missed a decimal in there, and my eyesight is bad enough that I didn’t catch it the several times I checked the listing. It was good for a laugh, and as the Dearliest pointed out, publicity is publicity.



*It should be noted that LK was thinking of the self-defense training that a couple of the uncles have been getting from the Dearliest. I was somewhat relieved to learn this, otherwise the comment from a 5 year old would be beyond scary.


Gray and Yellow Photoset

A lot of my recent posts mention spring. Have I ever mentioned it’s my favorite season here? Growing up my favorite season was winter, but then I lived in a savannah area of California and winter was the only season things were green.

A storm is coming. It’s supposed hit tonight and bring thunder and lightning and all that goodness with it. For now our little mountainside is just grey and muggy.


I went walking for signs of color, and I found some!


These wild buttercups are the first of the wildflowers to bloom every year, and they are popping up everywhere.


Leftover remnants of last years’ bumper population of wasps. I’ve lost track of how many golf-ball sized nests we’ve found. All empty, all abandoned. Sounds like lyrics to an emo song. Ha!

On to more cheerful yellow wildflowers.


The photo with my finger in it didn’t come out super well, but this cluster of cuties is about the same size as the nail of my pointer finger. Yeah. Tiny. I wish I knew what they were.

And, finally:


Happy spring!


Survey of Sorts

Haven’t done one of these in years!

  • Making : the children go to bed.
  • Cooking : hamburgers.
  • Drinking : water.
  • Reading: knitting instructions and “The Chocolate Wars” by Deborah Cadbury.
  • Wanting: a definite answer.
  • Looking: for that missing Lego before my foot finds it in the night.
  • Playing: Mr. Mouth is all the rage in the house right now.
  • Deciding: whether or not Mr. Mouth gets put on a high shelf tomorrow.
  • Wishing: for a meteor shower.
  • Enjoying: Pinterest pins with the Dearliest.
  • Liking: this strawberry yogurt.
  • Craving: ice cream (no matter how much I imagine yogurt to be ice cream, the fact remains that yogurt simply isn’t ice cream).
  • Considering: the next project.
  • Wondering: who that is I hear sneaking down the hallway.
  • Loving: the spring weather!
  • Pondering: if Arc will start walking before his 1st birthday (he has less than a week).
  • Watching: not much since we finished going through Burn Notice. Too much nice weather!
  • Hoping: for a nice container garden.
  • Marvelling: that LK is STILL awake.
  • Needing: more food.
  • Smelling: hamburgers.
  • Wearing: a swishy white skirt, black blouse, and the airplane necklace from TW. I went to a tea party today! 😀
  • Noticing: the desk is a disaster. Who let it get like this? Oh, right. Me.
  • Knowing: a secret.
  • Admiring: the Dearliest, who is sitting in a nearby chair.
  • Buying: postage most likely. And milk! I bought milk today.
  • Bookmarking: tutorials on how to us VSDC free video editing software.
  • Feeling: tired, happy, hungry, and hopeful.
  • Snacking: finished the yogurt, on to something else!
  • Helping: with clearing the yard. The winter blew a lot of trash around!
  • Hearing: Celtic bagpipes, violin, and the Star Trek soundtrack are in the player at the moment.

I had tulips and crocus and all the bulby things coming up…

…but now my yard has 2″ of snow over it so all hints of green are currently hidden.

Lucky for me, I found myself able to sit down last night and make something springy and colorful without a single interruption.

No, really. This is monumental. Even the dog remained at my feet without so much as a whine.

I may have to wait for my spring garden, but at least there’s this!


And yes, it’s in the shop for now.

And they’re off!


Well, almost. I still need to block them (on tonight’s agenda), otherwise my little hexagons are ready for their trip across the pond to Patch and her collaborative blanket project!

I seem to have this bad habit of starting with a pattern, deciding I don’t like how it’s working up, and changing it so dramatically I end up making up something completely different. The only one I followed a pattern to the end for was the African flower (pattern found here):


I adapted the next two from patterns found in “99 Granny Squares to Crochet” by Leisure Arts. #s 19 (originally an octagon) and 54 (originally a square):

IMG_0300 IMG_0301

And the last two I made up completely after trying a couple patterns and scrapping multiple times. A frustrating process, but I like the end results muchly.

IMG_0303 IMG_0302

Apparently I have a thing for 3D crochet? I love textures.

Instrumental Cover

Those who follow EmmaApproved know that Harriet Smith invited people to make covers of her first song. I thought about it for a couple days, found myself getting excited, and then 2 days later I had a cover written out. Took me a lot longer than that to submit it, and The Day could also be titled “How to Make A Recording with 4 Children in the House,” but the bottom line is if you want to see me playing piano, here’s an opportunity!


The Time Has Come?

I have been thinking, albeit reluctantly, that it may be time to close down the Etsy shop for good. I have kept it open off and on for 7 years, but now it comes down to a few simple facts. I do not have the time to pursue networking, marketing, or otherwise Do Stuff on the site to encourage traffic. I make regular but small sales, which is lovely, but it’s not even breaking even for me, and if I can’t invest the time to change that, I can’t justify maintaining the shop.

The Dearliest suggested I look into local shops to see if I can sell some things in town. I have to admit…removing sales and shipping fees sounds kind of attractive. I don’t even know where to start, though. Maybe it’s time I asked around.

I love making things. I will keep making things, even if it’s just to give to the people around me.

On a brighter note:

IMG_0276 IMG_0275

The pink sampler Easter egg is done! Now, the difficult decision…start another egg or finish hexagon #3? Probably an egg, since I can crochet in the evenings. Can’t see the needle well enough to stitch once the sun goes down.

And sun! Do we ever have sun! It has been wonderful, wonderful, to see the bursts of sunshine between the rainstorms. I discovered daffodils the other day. We’re still about 2 weeks away from bloom time, but they’re up and growing!