Collaborative Crochet!

I’m quite excited to be participating in my first ever crochet event! I’m making a few blocks for a collaborative blanket hosted by Patch, who I think is amazing and brave to be taking this on. The theme is hexagons, and I’ve been enjoying scouting out patterns.

The biggest challenge for me so far has been yarn. Nobody locally carries 100% cotton DK yarn, and I wanted higher quality so no Sugar N’  Cream for me. I took to eBay and found a gal selling off a stash of Cotton Lux Egyptian Cotton. A lot of it was already gone but there were two colors left.

So I got some!


This is by far the nicest cotton yarn I have ever had in my possession, and I’m quite afraid I’ve now been utterly spoiled. Also, it presented a little dilemma because I still need white and maybe one other color. Upon several searches and even contacting the gal I bought the yarn from, it came out that Cotton Lux is discontinued and there’s barely any available anywhere.

I finally bought a comparable (I hope) skein of Sublime cotton in white from I’ve never used Sublime yarn before, I’ve never bought from either, and while we’re at it I’ve never paid that much for one skein of yarn in my LIFE. New experiences everywhere!

Hopefully it all turns out well. For now, however, I’m off to less creative pursuits in the form of scrubbing out my oven.




3 thoughts on “Collaborative Crochet!

    • I think this project will either leave you swearing off more in the future or finding it’s not so bad as you think it might be. In which case, ANOTHER! 😀

      Yes, I like the colors muchly, especially the greenish one. She was out of the purple and black, both of which I really wanted. Oh well!

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