Invested Interest

I had a hard time deciding on my title, the other candidate being “A Vested Interest”. I went with alliteration because my OCD side liked the look of it better. Not that it really matters to any of you, but, you know, it matters. 😛

Remember when I offered a sneak peek of a new project here? Well, it’s done! Only it’s not at all what it started out to be. I got half way through with my first idea and realized I was going to run out of yarn so I scrapped 2 weeks of work to start something new.

IMG_0156_resize IMG_0170_resize

I didn’t mean to copy this lovely vest and I suppose technically mine is a little different. Sometimes I find it hard to know where the line is between copying and inspiration. I looked at the picture once and thought oh, that’s pretty easy! I could do that! Then I sat down, took measurements, and got to work. It was only when I went back and looked at the picture again after I was all done that I realized just how similar it was. It’s not something I’ll try to sell for the very reason it’s too much like the other pattern and the designer stipulates her pattern is for personal use only, but then I start wondering…well, would it be okay because I did do all the math myself and didn’t use the exact pattern?

It’s one of those areas I tend to avoid as much as possible just so the question won’t come up. I’m curious how others handle the whole inspiration/ copying issue?

– – – – –

On another investment note, due to circumstances the Dearliest found himself with a bucket of black dirt as part of a collection of things he hauled away for someone. He was preparing to toss it when it crossed his mind that the person he’d gotten it from used to be into gold mining. Long story short, it turned out the black dirt was concentrate. Or maybe ore? I’m a little unclear on my terminology, although it has been explained to me once.

After a few weeks of reading and YouTube videos, gold mining is now a new hobby in the house, and yesterday while the rain poured down the Dearliest set up an improvised mining shop in our living room so the kids could “help.” Or watch. Or get shooed to other activities once a shovelful of dirt ended up tossed gleefully across the carpet.


It’ll be interesting to see what (if anything) comes from the venture. For now it’s just fun to do, and the few flecks of gold fines he’s found so far is enough to keep the motivation up!


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