Yay! Boom! Bang!

Keeping this short, there have been lots of little but significant develops in the last couple days.

I have been worried for months now that my ancient 90s-era music writing software wouldn’t be compatible with my “new” computer. I put off finding out because I didn’t want to experience That Cry if I wasn’t going to be able to access my musical works anymore. I finally got the nerve up earlier this week, and thank you God, it works! Yay!

Shortly after making the software discovery I got a bee in my bonnet to write a cover of a song. It’s a silly little song, but when the word went out that the writer was opening the floor to covers, a tiny burst of excitement ran across my skin. I fought it for a day before deciding to give it a go. A musical challenge! It’s been so long since I took one on. I set about working on it, and as of yesterday, it’s done! Boom! (Still have to work out recording while still keeping my internet self vague, but I have Ideas there.)

And then, we get to the bang. A big one. Involving my little toe and the wooden baby gate hung in the kitchen doorway. I don’t think it’s broken, but after 15 minutes on an ice pack of frozen peas it still hurts to walk. Pokado is impressed and sympathetic. LK brought me my phone right away because “Daddy should know about this”. Squeaky just wanted to eat the frozen peas, but at least she stayed by my side and watched my toe with me. 😛

There go my plans of a mega laundry day. On the upside, I can get caught up folding everything! If I ever get my foot back on the ground to move to the couch, that is.

Tea! Tea sounds good. Where’s LK? He knows how to do that…


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