The Time Has Come?

I have been thinking, albeit reluctantly, that it may be time to close down the Etsy shop for good. I have kept it open off and on for 7 years, but now it comes down to a few simple facts. I do not have the time to pursue networking, marketing, or otherwise Do Stuff on the site to encourage traffic. I make regular but small sales, which is lovely, but it’s not even breaking even for me, and if I can’t invest the time to change that, I can’t justify maintaining the shop.

The Dearliest suggested I look into local shops to see if I can sell some things in town. I have to admit…removing sales and shipping fees sounds kind of attractive. I don’t even know where to start, though. Maybe it’s time I asked around.

I love making things. I will keep making things, even if it’s just to give to the people around me.

On a brighter note:

IMG_0276 IMG_0275

The pink sampler Easter egg is done! Now, the difficult decision…start another egg or finish hexagon #3? Probably an egg, since I can crochet in the evenings. Can’t see the needle well enough to stitch once the sun goes down.

And sun! Do we ever have sun! It has been wonderful, wonderful, to see the bursts of sunshine between the rainstorms. I discovered daffodils the other day. We’re still about 2 weeks away from bloom time, but they’re up and growing!


6 thoughts on “The Time Has Come?

  1. The egg looks great. I’m imagining a large twiggy branch from the garden decorated with lots of them in different colours 😉 It’s threading the needle I’m really starting to struggle with… I must get my eyes tested!

    • Yes! I was envisioning a twiggy branch too! One of my aunts has an Easter egg “tree” and it’s essentially a big branch in a pot. I remember going over there when I was little and just standing in front of it (it was twice as tall as me) and staring at all the painted eggs she had hanging on it!

  2. Bravo on the egg! Now, about your shop — it is my humble opinion that you don’t charge enough for your work. In my own Etsy shop I started out selling my tea cozies for $15 each. I felt that was a fair price. Well, I was bombarded with several “convos” from other sellers my opening week telling me to charge more. Etsy even sent me a note saying shops that didn’t charge enough for goods downgraded the entire community. Reluctantly, I raised my prices to $18 per cozy but thought I received a few “views”, no one was buying. Then I researched the other tea cozies being sold on Etsy and with a tiny feeling that I was gambling my entire shop away raised my prices to $20 per cozy. It was at this point I sold one. I did a little more comparative research and, to make a long story short, arrived at my current price of $24 per cozy. I charge more if I’ve done any fancy work on the cozy. Since raising my prices I’ve made the rest of my 37 sales. I even sold one cozy for $55 (lots of embroidery). So, don’t be afraid to charge what the market will bear!! I hate to see your shop vanish because you were one of two people who inspired me to open my own shop. Charge more and don’t feel guilty. People will pay your price if they want what you have to offer.

    • I appreciate your encouragement! I have thought about raising prices…I usually do a search on the type of item I’m about to list to see what the going rate is on Etsy and price accordingly, but I tend to go middle of the road rather than the high end.

  3. P.S. To date I haven’t promoted my shop in any meaningful way. I have spent no money on advertising. I do post my work on Pinterest. I tweet. I have my Tea Hens Facebook page for the purpose of keeping my Tea Hens posts separate from my profile page. All of these things are free. But the most views I receive are when my work lands on page one of an Etsy search which is a random occurrence.

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