Survey of Sorts

Haven’t done one of these in years!

  • Making : the children go to bed.
  • Cooking : hamburgers.
  • Drinking : water.
  • Reading: knitting instructions and “The Chocolate Wars” by Deborah Cadbury.
  • Wanting: a definite answer.
  • Looking: for that missing Lego before my foot finds it in the night.
  • Playing: Mr. Mouth is all the rage in the house right now.
  • Deciding: whether or not Mr. Mouth gets put on a high shelf tomorrow.
  • Wishing: for a meteor shower.
  • Enjoying: Pinterest pins with the Dearliest.
  • Liking: this strawberry yogurt.
  • Craving: ice cream (no matter how much I imagine yogurt to be ice cream, the fact remains that yogurt simply isn’t ice cream).
  • Considering: the next project.
  • Wondering: who that is I hear sneaking down the hallway.
  • Loving: the spring weather!
  • Pondering: if Arc will start walking before his 1st birthday (he has less than a week).
  • Watching: not much since we finished going through Burn Notice. Too much nice weather!
  • Hoping: for a nice container garden.
  • Marvelling: that LK is STILL awake.
  • Needing: more food.
  • Smelling: hamburgers.
  • Wearing: a swishy white skirt, black blouse, and the airplane necklace from TW. I went to a tea party today! 😀
  • Noticing: the desk is a disaster. Who let it get like this? Oh, right. Me.
  • Knowing: a secret.
  • Admiring: the Dearliest, who is sitting in a nearby chair.
  • Buying: postage most likely. And milk! I bought milk today.
  • Bookmarking: tutorials on how to us VSDC free video editing software.
  • Feeling: tired, happy, hungry, and hopeful.
  • Snacking: finished the yogurt, on to something else!
  • Helping: with clearing the yard. The winter blew a lot of trash around!
  • Hearing: Celtic bagpipes, violin, and the Star Trek soundtrack are in the player at the moment.

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