Gray and Yellow Photoset

A lot of my recent posts mention spring. Have I ever mentioned it’s my favorite season here? Growing up my favorite season was winter, but then I lived in a savannah area of California and winter was the only season things were green.

A storm is coming. It’s supposed hit tonight and bring thunder and lightning and all that goodness with it. For now our little mountainside is just grey and muggy.


I went walking for signs of color, and I found some!


These wild buttercups are the first of the wildflowers to bloom every year, and they are popping up everywhere.


Leftover remnants of last years’ bumper population of wasps. I’ve lost track of how many golf-ball sized nests we’ve found. All empty, all abandoned. Sounds like lyrics to an emo song. Ha!

On to more cheerful yellow wildflowers.


The photo with my finger in it didn’t come out super well, but this cluster of cuties is about the same size as the nail of my pointer finger. Yeah. Tiny. I wish I knew what they were.

And, finally:


Happy spring!


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