Sitting for just a moment.

I had all kinds of bloggery planned for today, but the laundry and grumpy kids had different ideas. So! Here’s a snapshot of what’s coming up:

  • Arc turned 1 year old! And there was a party. And stuff.
  • I haven’t forgotten about the post re: treating a systemic yeast infection. It’s coming soon.
  • A new knitting project!
  • Another music project! And my dive into VSDC editing software.

For now I can offer a couple humorous anecdotes from recent days.

1) LK rode with the Dearliest into town, whereupon they stopped at the family’s house to pick up SuperC. LK noticed a truck there he didn’t know and asked whose it was. “That’s N’s,” he was told. (N, it should be noted, is Aunt A’s beau. They are very happy.) “Oh,” he returned,”Is he one of my uncles?” “No,” came the reply, “Not an uncle, at least not yet.” “Oh.” There was a pause, “Is he in training?”

It is now a LK classic.*

2) One of my baby headbands has been getting a lot of traffic on Etsy over the last week, and I couldn’t figure out why until today a kind person sent me a message. They wanted to know if the headband really was $750? *MEGA-FACEPALM* Apparently I missed a decimal in there, and my eyesight is bad enough that I didn’t catch it the several times I checked the listing. It was good for a laugh, and as the Dearliest pointed out, publicity is publicity.



*It should be noted that LK was thinking of the self-defense training that a couple of the uncles have been getting from the Dearliest. I was somewhat relieved to learn this, otherwise the comment from a 5 year old would be beyond scary.


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