Somebody had a 1st birthday! (Also, cake.)


And we threw him a party complete with the two essentials.



And tissue paper!


He was a tired little man, but he surely enjoyed working the crowd. It’s been a long time since we had all of the local family up on the mountain. 24 people including us! It gets larger every year. 😀 **

For this reason I made two cakes. I see no point in stretching one cake to 24 people. Even less of a point in having no leftovers. What’s a birthday cake without leftovers??

I kept it super simple this time.


I’m not even going to share pics of the other one because the frosting was misbehaving and I gave up decorating halfway through. (Note to self: try a different recipe next time.)




**The most recent addition–whom I cannot resist internet-naming Darcy–cuddling with Pokado. She held him for nearly half an hour and didn’t really want to give him up.:


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