Catch up, picture style.

Because nothing makes a 4 year old Pokado happier than wearing her Nana’s cowboy boots:


Week 3 of wildflower season looks like this:


I would love to know what the pink ones are. So unique, and they smell deliciously spicy, like cinnamon.

A momentous occasion happened in recent weeks! The Dearliest and LK finished the Quike!


The project began a number of years ago, back when LK was around 1 year of age. It’s a wee bit on the small side for him now, but he’s still quite adept at zooming around the house.

My fingers needed something to do one day, so I tackled what I thought would be a simple project:


A pillowcase for Squeaky’s new little pillow! It was, honestly, kind of frustrating, but I must admit it’s fully my fault for not taking the time I needed in the beginning to measure properly. Oh, what I would give to know where my tape measure got to…


The Dearliest trimmed out the lilac bushes at the family’s house and brought home cuttings! Our lilac is still working on flowers. Maybe in the next week we’ll have some?


One evening we witnessed a glorious sunset through falling rain. Made for a stunning show.


Week 4 of wildflowers! A lot of the same, but there were a couple new ones. I’m very curious to learn more about this spindly red one:


This year there is no shortage of flowers in the house. Every day I have eager pickers who can’t wait to head outside and collect a bouquet for me. Or two. Or three. Once I came inside from working and there were SEVEN JARS of flowers on the counter. Apparently it was a good day for everyone.


No explanation needed here, methinks, other than salsa is apparently jalapeno approved.


Pokado. So tired. This is what fighting your nap will get you!

– – – – –

Other news in brief:

– I’ve spent the last 5 weeks working on a video project for the Dearliest, which he has now seen so I feel at liberty to talk about it! I made a 10 minute compilation of pictures and videos from the tree work he did last fall and set it to sections of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.

The piece is somewhat significant to me because shortly after we got married (and he’d told me he wasn’t very knowledgeable when it came to music), I played my1812 Overture cd and he recognized it AND named it. It made a big impact on me, mostly because it caused me to realize that the Dearliest knows way, way more than he tells people. 😛

– The garden is prepped and ready for plants! Now just need to wait for the rainstorms to pass.

– I’ve been making smoothies a lot. Recipe post later, methinks.



One thought on “Catch up, picture style.

  1. Love this entry. So lovely. Flowers can’t help but make me smile. Sorry I can’t help with ID-ing the unknowns. Your lilacs look WONDERFUL. And yes, husbands, those mute beings, do know way more than they let on. I think they do it on purpose to keep us guessing.

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