Happenings and Such

Lots to tell! I have been thoroughly distracted on several fronts lately, but I wrapped up a couple of them and now feel it’s time to catch up the blog.

The Dearliest and I celebrated our 7th anniversary with a trip to Applebee’s (it’s kind of tradition because that’s where we first met in person). Then we went for a loooong sunset walk along the river, and it was perfect weather with few people around. Quite perfect, except I forgot to bring walking shoes with me and ended up with Very Sore Feet. We stopped at the store on the way home and gathered up ingredients for hot fudge sundaes, which I haven’t had in forever.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been editing a novel for a friend. I have missed doing edit work, so it gives me a little thrill to have a book to read! It’s a murder mystery and I’m enjoying it immensely. I cannot say more than that.

This last month I’ve been working on another music cover. Each one gets a little better as I become more comfortable with recording myself and working with the editors. After my last video my dad sent me a link to a free audio/ recording editor (Audacity). He gave me some tips on editing audio in general and helped me to understand how to manipulate it better. Still have a lot to learn, but this seems to be a Thing with me now. I know I want to keep recording music even after Emma Approved is over.


In more news, Arc officially became a toddler yesterday! All the aunts are probably reading this and exclaiming, “Finally!” He didn’t wait quite as long to walk as Pokado, but he definitely took his time about it.

Days have been warmer and gorgeous, which means lots of outside time. LK found some old scarves and asked to make “flags” using brooms. This was a week ago and they’re STILL the first thing the kids grab when it’s time to head out.


Arc rides around in his chariot most the time, often accompanied by Squeaky, who loves the idea of being outdoors but doesn’t generally want to share the space with the bees (it doesn’t matter if it’s a moth or a fly–it’s a BEE). She feels safe in the stroller.


Hot weather also means smoothies! Recipe post soon, maybe?


All in all, we’re having a busy time of it right now. We’re trying to get the garden in, and I’m failing and staying on top of laundry and dishes. I find it incredibly difficult to remain disciplined with inside chores when it’s so lovely outside!




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