On rewards

I asked LK to empty the silverware from the dishwasher, but when I came back to check on him he’d emptied the whole dishwasher. I indicated it was thoughtful and helpful, and he asked if he could have raisins as a reward. I hadn’t promised a reward of any kind, and I generally don’t issue them out when they’re asked for, so I said no, he couldn’t.

Then I pointed to the sink full of dishes and said he could put them in the dishwasher if he wanted to. He became quite eager. It’s not a common request. He got right to it and asked after a moment, “Is this my reward?”

I kinda looked at him sideways, not sure I wanted him to know what I was thinking, and asked, “Do you want it to be?”


“Well okay then.”

And that is how another chore turned into a reward. Although I should probably go check on the kitchen now because I’m hearing an awful lot of water running.

Also, rainstorms! THUNDER! I barely got the clothes off the outside line before the buckets dumped. It’s a lovely day.

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