Sunday Morning Tea–Twisted Worlds and Jimbo’s Lullaby

The tea on Sunday took on some unique pitches, and it took me a couple moments to remember they were from Jimbo’s Lullably. It’s the second piece in “Children’s Corner”, a collection of short piano solos by Claude Debussy. He wrote them for his daughter and I think they are all delightful. I learned the first and last ones (Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum and Golliwogg’s Cakewalk) and have the music for the rest with the hopes of learning the others (including Jimbo’s Lullaby) at some point in the future.


To follow up, I gave Squeaky the Tea Time mug, and she commented to the Dearliest that a frog was drinking tea. The Dearliest observed the scene and replied, “Yes! The frog is drinking tea with a pig. What kind of twisted world would have a frog drinking tea with a pig?”

To which Squeaky replied without hesitation, “It’s Mommy’s mug.”



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