Not here today, probably gone tomorrow too.

Busy times, we have. Last week we went into town three times, which made for a very messy house. I ignored it most the time in favor of heading outside to garden, because, you know, gardening.

Week 5 of Wildflowers (this was one of my favorite weeks)


I still need to take pictures of our actual garden. Over two weekends the Dearliest tilled the ground. We made rows and planted a bunch of stuff, and now the stuff is up! Sunflowers, peas, beets, lettuces, peppers, squash, corn…all kinds of yummy goodness.

A while ago I asked my dad to listen to the audio track I put together for the last music video. He gave me some pointers, but this was his ultimate answer:


I have played around with it a little, but alas I haven’t had much time recently to sit down and figure it out. I am, needless to say, thrilled!

The last week has been a string of gorgeous weather, but before that some storms blew through.


Week 7 of Wildflowers (we’re coming to the end of them now)


I love the seedpods those spindly red flowers (see week 4) turned into! So unique.

A jumbo egg from a chicken became the children’s talk of the house for a good 2 days.


That’s my hand. I’m surprised it only had two yolks!

It’ll most likely be a while before another update. Aunt A is getting married this weekend, and there is so much going on! The kids are in the wedding, and I’m helping with the cake piping. Then there’s all the family coming in from out of town, and the rehearsal, and a bridal shower, and other things I know I’m forgetting.

For now, it’s time to go outside and hang laundry and WALK. Oh, and take some pictures too, because what’s a walk without pictures?

See y’all later!



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