Picture Heavy and Full of Fancy

The wedding was smashing! But not literally, thank God. Rain for days before, and rain for days afterwards, but pretty much perfect cloudy weather for the actual event. It took about three days for everyone to normalize from the Big Weekend, and then Squeaky decided to roll on her arm funny and sprain her elbow.

That was three days ago, and she’s now back to normal, but we had a couple of rather miserable nights. Little sleep for Mommy and Daddy and boredom for Squeaky, who refused to move anything on her own until Saturday evening. I’ve never seen her sit still for so long, but I suppose one must do what one must do.

Pictures piled up over the last week and a half, so buckle up!

I needed a pick me up one day, so I decided to weed around the little pond.


It’s mostly dry and full of rocks right now, but the Dearliest has plans to clean it out and install a new pump. It’s just across the driveway from the main porch, so I see it a lot. Feels good to have it a little neater, and LK loves having more than gravel to run his Tonkas in.

The robin’s nest in the woodshed:


The log horse that the Dearliest built to aide in his wood cutting operation.


The cave one of our chickens built to lay her eggs. IMG_0804_resize

Seriously. It’s a bunch of weeds overhanging a large wood round, and she totally hollowed it all out. There’s even a little “hallway” that goes out the back, clever girl.

The garden space, pre-germination.


Master Arc, presiding.


Pokado, doing what she loves best.


Squeaky, showing off the crop of hair she has coming in.


LK, running around with his plastic cup rocket.


And then the wedding weekend hit, which for me started on Wednesday. In preparation of insane busy-ness I made a double batch of bread. As life would have it, I found myself trying to do three things at a crucial moment and ended up with a looming emergency:


I got to it right as it started dripping over, and the emergency turned out quite delicious.


Thursday was the bridal shower.


And cakery practice.


Friday I joined TW and another sister-in-law who I don’t think has an internet name yet. We shall call her Mrs. Fine, because she is one fine lady. Also, it appeals to my sense of humor but you won’t get that part unless you know her. 😛

Where was I…oh yeah. The wedding cake! Friday was assemblage and make it pretty day. But first I had to get there. Fortunately a break in the storm run made the drive relatively easy. It also made for a pretty shot of the blooming canola field.


Here we have cake assemblage with a central dowel sticking out. TW made and frosted all the layers (each tier had 4 layers), then stacked them up. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten what the interior supports for the individual tiers were, which is silly of me because I’m the one who wrapped them in cling wrap. We eventually added three more central dowels, because the cake weighed 50 pounds and it needed the extra support.


Here we have the imprinted cake.


Neither Mrs. Fine nor I had experience with piping scroll work, so the idea of having the pattern laid out for us became the favored plan. We brainstormed with TW, who came up with the idea of using her quilling talents to make the scroll work pieces out of poster board to use as a sort of stamp. It worked fabulously!

Here TW and Mrs. Fine examine the progress. Also, tea.


I spent 6 hours helping before I needed to leave, and I understand it was several more hours after that before TW and Mrs. Fine finished!

I do have more pictures (mostly of the wedding itself), but that will need to wait for another post.

A final note to those of you who follow Pen Wending–I’m writing again! Editing my friend’s book ended up being a great inspiration and motivator to me, and I’ve been writing for the last 4 days. Well, you know, 3 minutes here, 5 minutes there. Anyway, feel free to hop over there for ramblings on the new story. The story itself should start going up within the next week or so. I want to make sure I give myself a good head start before I begin to share it!


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