Fire Update

Thank you so much to everyone who has called/ messaged/ come out to help in the last couple days! We are truly blessed and incredibly fortunate that we have been given such loving family and friends. And also, enough time to move things off the mountain.

The northern edge of the fire (the edge closest to us) seems to be under control. Numerous backfires are holding it currently, and as long as the wind doesn’t suddenly change direction on us, the house should be okay. The fire is still about 8 miles away. It has now burned 60,000 acres.

We’re still in a Stage II evacuation area, so we’re still packing things up and moving them into town (the Dearliest was able to procure a large and nice storage space that’s big enough to accommodate both his shop and the household). We figure we’ll keep going until we either run out of time or have it all off the mountain.

I’m very curious to see which happens first.

And if we move everything into town, will we really want to move it all back? Probably not.



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