Life is Smokey, Life is Clear

Picture style.

IMG_1203 (1000x750)IMG_1202 (1000x750)

On this day the firefighters lit the largest back burn ever attempted in this area. According to information online, it burned a couple square miles. A number of the neighbors didn’t realize this was the back burn, however, and there was Much Panic for a while. This is about a mile and a half away.

IMG_1201 (1000x750)

Sunset after the back burn.

IMG_1212 (1000x750)

Sunset the next night. Still lots of smoke, but the fire was much more contained.

IMG_1214 (1000x750)

Three days after the back burn. Fire mostly contained on the edge nearest to us. I couldn’t tell what was smoke and what was clouds!

IMG_1229 (1000x750)

IMG_1231 (750x1000)  IMG_1226 (750x1000)

It was still hot, but not so smokey, so we ventured outside for the first time in about a week.

IMG_1225 (750x1000)

Helicopters with buckets and boat planes were a regular sight around here for a few days, which was definitely one of LK’s more favorite things about the whole thing.

IMG_1232 (1000x750)

And then the rain came. And the fire officially went out. And the smoke disappeared. And things felt fresh again!

IMG_1242 (1000x750) IMG_1241 (1000x750)

Then yesterday we got more rain (and a rainbow!).

Still waiting to see how the housing situation pans out, but I’m still packing and sorting and downsizing because it’s quite clear something is going to happen very, very soon.

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