Authoring Anecdotes

My writing has taken a higher shelf these last few weeks. Instead of 2-3 pages a day I write 2-3 sentences, but progress is progress. It’s been good, in a way, to take more time, because the section I’ve been working on is a secret mission sort of thing, of which I have absolutely zilch personal experience.

Less writing time = more time for research on the subject (what do you mean watching Bourne doesn’t count?), and also more time to ask the Dearliest things like “I need a non-sniper rifle but one that would work over distances for an assassination. (Answer: AR-15, which I should’ve known. I’ve shot one of those.)” and “What’s the average range for reliable accuracy when shooting an AR-15? (Answer: Up to about 300 yds, though they can be shot with less accuracy up to 500 yds)” and other related questions about firearms, adrenaline in a Situation, and stuff.

It took me a month to write 12 minutes of action, but I got the protagonist through it in one piece SO THERE’S THAT.

Here is a picture of some of the first draft. These, to date, are the most confused pages I’ve ever written. If you try to decipher it, well…I wish you luck. I wrote it and I’m STILL not sure where everything will go in the end.

IMG_1282 (1000x750)

As it stands now, the draft is littered with notes like:

Inc[orporate] Panasonic Toughbook.
Change all men present for all planning.
REWORK SO CONV[ERSATION] HAPPENS ON HILL WHILE WAITING. (apparently that one is particularly important?)
No barrel. Also, incorporate C-4 at fuel. Also, HOTSAW.
Make sure rifle matches distance capability.
Check Tennessee weather in July.

I hope to have a decent head start on the story soon, and shortly after that you can start reading After the Storm on PenWending!


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